Buy all of the games and play them forever

I purchased both omega ruby as well as alpha sapphire after playing exactly the same games around 10 in years past on the GBA and I have to say the games are perfect! Probably the best Pokemon games to possess been made for me. The graphics are amazing and you will find so many new, amazing features for example: the ability to soar around Hoenn within the skies on mega developed Latias/Latios, the different ‘Nav’ features about the bottom screen which range from information/news in the online game, maps and information about the towns and a chance to find ‘sneak’ around in order to find hidden Pokemon with egg cell moves, hidden abilities as well as of higher levels compared to normal random encounters.

Addititionally there is the ability to rematch trainers and also the return of secret bases combined with the large amount of super stones and legendary Pokemon open to hunt down/find, as well since the return of Pokemon Amie as well as super training, which had been introduced in Pokemon by and y. The music for the actual games really is probably the most exciting to me and brings back a lot of memories from the unique GBA game. There can also be a very exciting publish game with loads to complete after beating the Pokemon category. The Elite Four and Champion may also increase in level after the very first time you challenge them to create it much more interesting and exciting to return and challenge them to obtain stronger.

Character customisation does not really return in these games however the amount of new, exciting features available really does replace with it so I do not really mind. As an enormous Pokemon fan I ‘m extremely impressed and excited through the games which are definitely worthy of 5 stars.

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