Can you even imagine this!

Imagine your friends come over to your house and they want to play 3DS games with you. Okay, it doesn’t sound special. But just imagine the following situation: you start your Nintendo 3DS Emulator. A new game has been released for 3DS. Because you have the 3DS Emulator you can just download the rom of the game on the internet and play it immediately! There will be so many awesome games on 3DS coming out soon, just IMAGINE! Zelda, Pokemon, Mario, Professor Layton, you could play all of them without even spending a pound! I already did download a bunch of 3DS games, all of them are working fine with the Emulator. Furthermore it includes some really cool features which the normal 3DS doesn’t include, such as saving at any times and Cheats! Lots of Cheats 😀 You can let the game run 2 or even 4 times faster as usual, that’s great while playing Pokemon, you spare yourself a lot of time 😀
I can only recommend the Emulator and the Pokemon Rom not downloading it would be a mistake.

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