Definitely the game to get at the moment

Completely lives as much as expectations. The only point; if you’re an old fan, and have performed the originals, the story gets jarring before long because it is very closely like the original, just with new twists to create it more interesting, not to mention, mega evolution. In just about all I’d say 9/10, simply because I feel they might have done more for that older players which have been to Hoenn before. Don’t even get me started how awesome flying around Hoenn is actually on Mega Latias/Latios although. The Pokemon series is among the best game series there’s. I was delighted to discover that the Ruby & Sapphire video games were being re-made these for me are the second best games within the entire franchise, after Precious metal & Silver. The graphics are perfect, even though I do type of miss the pixel artwork. The story is really strong also it maintains the same elements within the old games, which allow it to be really nostalgic.

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