Get all Pokemon before your friend does it

It’s a really great game in my opinion.
The actual story is good but I have no idea what I did incorrect but I never found or was handed a master ball or the Pokemon schwarz rom and I believe I somehow managed in order to fight a gym before I was designed to. I don’t know why but might take me to a city and started referring to how I should go and challenge a fitness center but she was referring to a gym I experienced already beat. And You cannot change the look of the trainer anymore. I didn’t mind that however, many people really enjoyed which feature. And the game is not actual 3D only the actual battles and cutscenes make use of the 3D feature, everything otherwise is 2D. That doesn’t really trouble me either because I avoid using the 3D feature anyway however, many people do. But there are several good feature like a chance to fly to routes not only cities and I such as how Pikachu actually state his name like within the tv series rather than a noise. The story for me is better than the actual story in x and y and also the music is great. Overall I’d give it 4 superstars.

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