I have so much fun with it

Hi I would like to share my opinion and experience about the Pokemon Schwarz 2 Rom and the 3DS Emulator with you. Downloading and installing the Emulator + the Rom was surprisingly very easy! It’s just like in the video, if you have any problems just follow the guide of the video. The Pokemon Schwarz 2 Rom really runssmooth on the Emulator, it is awesome since you can play it on your mobile device at any time! There are some really cool cheats for Pokemon, I have to admit 😀 you can KO hit the enemy Pokemon instantly, find and catch any Pokemon you want to and so on. To the game Pokemon Schwarz 2 I have to say that it is a really good remake of the old one, Sapphire. They added new cool features and playing it with better graphics and with the 3D effect is just another world, than on the old GBA 😀 Nintendo did once again a great job!

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