My advice is to try out the online mode

It’s a shame to see that individuals are rating this game a couple of stars based on the delivery when they are meant to be reviews from the actual game. I have bought most Pokemon games which have been brought out, and this really is up there with the very best. It is nice to have many of the original series of Pokemon as a few of these are my favourites, which is good to have the option between ruby and sapphire. Nowadays there are so many mega evolutions the industry great addition to the overall game, and even though it’s a remake it feels like it’s a new game. There will also be lots of new features for example dexnav which makes the overall game more enjoyable. It is easy to get at grips with so it does not matter how experienced you are like a gamer. Whether you possess played a Pokemon online game before or not, i’d definitely recommend this or even alpha sapphire to anybody of any age, your own never too old in order to play this.

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