Online games are so funny, I laugh a lot

When you beat the Elite Four although the post-game plot is really amazing. I loved this.My only issue by using it is probably that it’s much more casual now. A Pokemon online game more casual, yes. It had been possible.

I think it had been introduced in X/Y but EV Training are now able to be done very particularly in “Super Training” as well as reset EVs completely. Shiny Pokémon are also much more common, I think the opportunity was doubled or some thing with chaining and Matsuda method yielding far better results. Plus for capturing every Pokémon you receive an item called “Shiny Charm” that doubles your chances once again. If you don’t believe me you’ll definitely notice a ton associated with Shiny Pokémon online or getting used by your friends, among mine had a group of 4/6 Shiny Pokémon.

I’m unsure about X/Y since We skipped it but this might all be old information. So yeah, great game I suggest it, Shiny Pokémon aren’t as impressive now and lots of Pokémon will be EV trained online if you are into that. As for Mega Evolution it adds a distinctive experience to battles like deciding who’ll Mega evolve, what weak points it’ll have, the capability it’ll have etc.

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