Personally I like this game a lot

The childhood classic reincarnated for that 3DS/2DS. Follows the same story line since the GBA version, so relatively simple to follow/play if you have had it before. Remarkably, I found myself glued into it for a good couple of days playing it whenever I had a chance to. The graphics are superb which is impressive. What makes this the 5 star game is how the story line has been altered enough to create it an enjoyable experience and thus it doesn’t feel repeated. Plus there are lots of additional side-elements, including the Delta Episode at the conclusion which is in by itself a mini-story. I also enjoy sneaking on random Pokemon that might have rare moves, like my personal Poison Fang and Magic Fang Poochyenas. For me personally, it was like dealing with my childhood again as well as reliving some wonderful video gaming memories. It’s a wonderful game! I never fancied Pokemon games and this can be a first Pokemon game I am playing, and it’s a significant nice game, it’s fun to catch those Pokemon the thing is on the anime and also have them to yourself, like raise them pet them I like it.

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