These type of games are just the best

Free DLC has become downloadable as well with the Nintendo E Shop and also the Delta Episode (which I’m yet to complete) uses the base game, which supplies extra content beyond defeating the primary antagonists.

Flying is enjoyable, contests are much more fun with the 3D images and overall, I believe it is a very well performed remake that old as well as new fans alike may appreciate.

The only reason I purchased the Pokemon Y Rom instead associated with Pokémon Alpha Sapphire (Nintendo 3DS) was which i wanted a Zangoose during my team, and Zangoose is really a Ruby version exclusive. I actually do prefer the legendary Kyogre (from Alpha Sapphire) but I favor Zangoose (Ruby) to Seviper (Sapphire). You are able to acquire all the Pokemon via endgame content and buying and selling anyway. If you’re buying this like a gift, though, you may want to inquire whether they prefer one version’s exclusives more than another.

As someone who played the initial Ruby I can properly say this game is actually amazing. The plot is pretty much done, battles look great and Gyms don’t seem like a stomp but We still found them fairly easy. If you’re looking for Legendaries you will get pretty much all of these besides X/Y and some are exclusive.

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