They always make a good game out of it

I’m a Pokemon fanatic, been by doing this since 1998. The original Ruby as well as Sapphire were my favourite games then when remakes were announced I was screaming throughout twitter as I have been asking for Hoenn remakes along with my friends (YouTube community).

Right now, although I have a few bias toward them, these games don’t disappoint. I have an american 3DS so I’ve been playing this game for any week already and I will tell you it is actually amazing, better than X and Y even. The music is nostalgic and AMAZING with increased variety that purely trumpets! The game play is actually smoother than X and Y and also the introduction of new megas and also the Primal evolution just adds a lot more story to the online game. The after game is excellent and fairly long, so ultimately you have a 48-60 hour game (if you need to do all the side quests and also take the game gradually like I do). The wi-fi battling rocks !, with the new megas contributing to the complexities of towards the already tough battles. The quantity of legendaries in this game is ridiculous which is amazing, the hype of accumulating the Regi’s and the rest of the trios via mirage places.

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